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Board of Evangelism
Chairman: Dale Hartmann

The Evangelism Board's objective is to bring the Gospel of Jesus to those outside the body of Christ, and to enrich all of God's people in the work of reaching out from this church by calling on visitors, school parents who have no regular church home, and people who relocate to our community. Teams make weekly calls and follow-up visits to encourage those called on to come into a closer relationship with the body of believers here at Immanuel through our worship services, bible studies, and the various opportunities provided to serve our neighbors and socialize with one another.

DID YOU KNOW Immanuel Lutheran Church of Orange is the only Confessional LCMS member congregation in the Old Towne Orange District? Any church can call itself "Lutheran," but most Lutherans know there are BIG differences between so-called Lutheran churches these days. Open Communion practices and contemporary or “blended” worship services are rampant; it is difficult to find a Lutheran Church where pure doctrine is preached, the Sacraments are rightly administered, and the congregation is united in liturgical worship using the historic Lutheran liturgies of the Church. There are only a handful of what some know as Confessional LCMS member churches left in Orange County, California, and Immanuel Lutheran Church of Orange is the only one in the Old Towne Orange District. Confessional describes those who have chosen neither to depart in belief, nor in practice from the Lutheran Confessions. The Lutheran Confessions include our confession concerning liturgical practice and our rejection of open Communion practices. All LCMS professional church workers publicly vow to subscribe to the Lutheran Confessions because they are a true exposition of what the Bible teaches.

At Immanuel, we know joy, and we face sorrows like everyone, but we do so as a congregational family united in the Lutheran faith. We do so as one congregational family united in liturgical worship. If you want to learn more about what it is to be a Lutheran, what Lutherans confess, and how Lutherans worship, we invite you to join us for worship and Sunday morning Bible classes at Immanuel. If you, your family, or friends who reside in Central Orange County might be interested in a Confessional LCMS member church home, please invite them to Immanuel Lutheran Church of Orange. We are here for you.
(Located in the heart of historic Old Towne Orange, on the corner of Chapman Ave. & Pine St.)

When the founding visionary and President of Concordia University Irvine, Dr. Charles Manske, set about building a faculty at the school, he contacted Dale Hartmann who would become the first full-time called professor to the Irvine campus.

"[Dr. Manske's] first hire was Dale Hartmann, a librarian at Concordia Theological Seminary, then located in Springfield, Illinois, who says his first conversation with Manske changed the course of his life.

Manske, visiting from California, walked into Hartmann's office, introduced himself and asked if he was interested in becoming the librarian of a new Lutheran college in Orange County. Hartmann responded, 'Did the Holy Spirit send you, or my wife?' Manske didn't know that Hartmann's wife dreamed of living in Orange County, a place she had never been. Manske's second question sealed the deal: 'What do you know about evangelism?' With that, Hartmann, an evangelist at heart, was sold."

Read more in the Spring 2014 issue of Concordia Magazine at:

Concordia University Irvine Library

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